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From our transaction management framework (FirstPoint) to our numerous value-added, time saving ancillary products, Software Solutions Group provides powerful automation modules from small growth companies to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Review all of our innovative products designed to make your business more efficient.

FirstPoint Transaction Management System
The FirstPoint Transaction Management System is a modular transaction system designed for managing orders: including tracking, distribution, workflow processing, document management and imaging.

MLS Data Feed
Retrieve your listing information and integrate it with other data to enhance its usefulness. Please contact us for more details on the many ways that your listing data can be delivered.

Context Sensitive Learning Application
Deliver context-specific learning material or other information to your users based on the screen they are viewing.

Entity Management System
Entity Management System (EMS) is a vendor and customer management system that maintains relationships between, and stores information about, organizations and people.

DecisionTrack is a business rules management engine that can return rules-based results (vendor fees, customer products, etc.) based on dynamically configurable criteria.

WinScape, used for integration within our entity management system EMS and the TRN system, is the core toolset utilized when internal and/or external system and data integrations are required for an enterprise, enabling a developer to construct the connectivity within an aggressive timeframe.

PopTrack is our integrated ‘event notification module’ which notifies interested parties regarding events on their orders and product deliveries.

Title Searching and Tracking System
Performs vendor management and routing of orders to title industry searchers, but can be quickly modified for any industry.

Signature Tracking System
A website customer portal that manages and schedules orders for appointments originally designed for notaries to oversee the signing of documents, but can be quickly modified for any industry.

Email Upload Connector
Parses email subject lines to route email attachments to the imaging system.

GIS Mapping Software
Display system for maps and other geographic data. Your data can be map-enabled and enhanced with other data such as streets, property parcel outlines, property ownership data, demographic data, aerial or satellite photographs, etc. These maps can be viewed by you or your customers on a desktop or Web-enabled application.

Radius Maps
Our Radius Map application provides a quick and easy way to generate radius maps and mailing lists for public notification purposes.

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