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Efficiently connecting and managing trading partners and integrating systems is key to vendor management and product fulfillment initiatives. Our clients and partners require this business process to be highly automated, with the flexibility to incorporate a human touch at appropriate stages throughout the workflow.

Software Solutions Group’s FirstPoint framework is a reliable, scalable, and highly available enterprise platform that enables us and/or our partners to develop solutions to capture, store, manage, secure, and process information.

Solutions built from the FirstPoint framework will streamline and automate business processes, access and manage all forms of content, and automate entity management, resulting in increased operational efficiency, and lower total cost of ownership for our clients.

The FirstPoint framework is based on 5 distinct modules. These modules include:

Entity Management System - Vendor and Customer Management
DecisionTrack - Rules Based Decisioning System
Transaction Management System - Transaction Management System
WinScape - End-to-end Enterprise Integration Solution
PopTrack - Event Notification Module


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