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Software Solutions Group knows that our strategies must be based on the knowledge and understanding of each particular industry in which we are involved, and that when it comes to implementation, one solution or approach does not fit all industries.

While technology in general may cross industry lines, and knowledge of good business practices is critical to the success in the design and implementation of a technological solution, industry experience is key to bringing each client the best solution for a specific situation. Our industry experience is a key factor in designing successful strategies and solutions.

Software Solutions Group has experience in the following industries:

Real Estate
- Title 
- Escrow 
- Mortgage Banking 
- Mortgage Broker 
- Commercial Real Estate 
- Residential Real Estate 
- Property Management 
- Flood Data Services 
- Hazard Disclosure 
- Credit 
- Default 
- GIS 
- Legal

- Property & Casualty 
- Life & Health 
- Title



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