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Based in Orange County, CA, First American Software Solutions Group (SSG) is in the business of providing technology services related to (1) custom solution development, (2) resale product development utilizing our exclusive frameworks, and (3) technology consulting.

Organized in 1997, Software Solutions Group became one of the first system integrators / developers to build large enterprise applications to be Internet deployed. Our solutions allow our clients to capitalize on unique approaches to resolve business issues that can give their business a competitive advantage.

Today, SSG helps companies (from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies) meet many business challenges with improved processes and new approaches to business workflow. The objective advice we provide our clients, and the work we deliver, is unencumbered by any considerations other than what is best for our clients’ business.

“Our objective is to create solutions based solely our client’s needs,” said John Breault, AVP of Software Solutions Group. “To do this we have brought together a talented group who not only maintain a high degree of technological expertise but, most importantly, understand the industries in which we are involved.”

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